Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tip for Great feet

I have had the worst bad feet days EVER. There was no reason why my feet decided to look like they have nothing to do with moisture.

This was told to be by a pedicurist. In the night just before u hit the bed do the following and instantly bright looking feet

1. Scrub your feet well with a pumice stone.

2. If you dont have a brush for your feet, use an old toothbrush (or your hubby's current brush if you want to take revenge) and squeeze some shampoo on it like a paste and brush your nails like you brush your teeth.

3. Dry your feet

4. Take a teaspoonful glycerine and with your finger tips dot your nails with it. Apply the remaining on the sole and rest of the feet. Now massage the nails with the glycerine that you had dotted.

Next day morning when u get off your bed and slip ur feet into ur sandals u r going to feel like a million bucks. It will look very hydrated.


  1. thnks jo this one is gonna help me my feet have gone like that ov a majdoor after i have worked hard to set up my house this will certainly give me a relief

  2. Hi Jo, Thanks for the post. I had lost track of caring my foot. And thought would never even feel like looking at them again . But your tips have helped me a lot . Thanks!!