Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Flavour of the week : Green gram flour face scrub

I just discovered the refreshing goodness of green gram flour. Though my mom used to bath my baby when she was a new born, i had discontinued it after some time. But recently I read in a magazine about the benefits of green gram flour and decided to make a face/Body scrub myself. Green Gram is the green moong daal the whole one not the broken one.

1. Powder a handful of green gram daal in ur small mixer and powder as finely as u can.

2. Add a pinch of Kastoori Manjal powder. This is a variety of turmeric powder available in most south indian grocery store.

3. Add rosewater/curd to it and make it into a paste.

Use it either during ur shower as a body scrub or just a face scrub. The Kastoor manjal is supposed to give ur face a nice golden glow and it also is an antiseptic so its good for the acne, if any.


  1. I use this as a face pack too. Works wonders. BTW some skin types are allergic to curd in the mix (I know because I am) so replace curd with milk or skip it entirely. A few drops of lemon juice to this mix is also really good.

  2. Good to know this vidya. Thanks for the input

  3. i use it too it really works...even it removes unwanted facial hair...