Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Night Treament - Lighten up that face

There are many days when you are say at work or even at home, you are washing your hands and suddenly when you look up briefly at the mirror and you wonder why you face looks so dull. I looks like you havent even showered for the day. I have faced this many times..the bright face after a face wash or bath, seems to just disappear. I wondered what I could do to retain that fresh look.

There no instant remedy which will work in a day. But yes, a little time and this works wonders.

Take a bottle and mix the follwoing in equal quantities

1. Glycerine

2. Rose water (I use the dabur one)

3. Juice of 2 lemons (assuming that u have mixed say 30 ml of the above two)

Mix all the three and store it in the fridge. Just before bed, First wash your face with normal soap and then apply a little bit of this solution all over your face. Over a week's time your face starts lightening up and so will your marks.

Isnt it an economical solution against an expensive night cream? Sweet Dreams


  1. Hey Jo,
    Just a small clarification from u,Should I mix glycerine and rose water together 30 ml or each 30 ml along with 2 lemons juice.
    Can I use this as I have oily skin and should I leave this mixture on face till next day mrng or wash off after sometime.

  2. Jo,

    I have a question.

    I have sensitive and a dry skin. I wear little foundation and compact powder on my face everyday morning. But I can see small breakages of skin on my forehead. What should I do to prevent this?

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  4. @ Manjula

    Mix 30 ml of each totalling 60 ml

  5. @ Anjana

    Do u moisturise ur skin well before applying the foundation? Do that. It will solve your problem.