Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Quickie Facial

At the time of recession, even a facial takes a hit. Well, here is what you can do when you are running late for a party and you need to have that polishing effect.

1. Mask:

Wear your face mask (any mask which you regularly use), not a peel off one though

2. Massage :

After its dry, spray ur face with water, squeeze a little bit of any face cream you use, some face scrub (u can even use filter coffee powder) and mix the two and massage it on your faced with the mask.

3. Rinse :

Massage for 5 minutes and wash off your face with soap or face wash.

This will give you a polished effect. Just what you want before a party or something.


  1. Hey Jo great tips.

    I often use ur Quickie Facial Tip and everytime the resuts are awesome.

    Looking forward to use Green Moong Scrub...... will update u abt that but i know as it is ur tip it will definately be great.

    Thanks for sharing such greaaaaaaaat tips.

  2. hey,,,, great one.... keep the link on your orkut main page.. whenever we need the tip we can direcyly hit U :P

  3. Wonderful tips Jyoti...
    ive never used a mask.. what is it?

  4. Bee, Its amazing how you could add so many additional characters to my name and still not make it mine. I am Jo. Face mask is a pack made of various ingredients to suit your skin type and smeared on the face for it to dry and you wash off to get a refreshing effect.

  5. i agree to jo full marks to her i often try it out bfore a party and end up all shiny and connfident