Thursday, June 25, 2009

Dont want that Sun Tan

We have a lot of beach parties in our circle very often and I get a good tan most of the times despite the sunscreens. But over these years the response of people to my look because of the tan has been breathtaking(literally). So I make sure that I keep the following ready to use as soon as I return. Its completely worth the effort. SO here you go.

1. Papaya Pulp.

Just keep some mashed in a bowl. If you can stand the smell (like some people do), add some rose water and keep. Rub the pulp of papaya as soon as you come home

2. Raw Milk

If its not the season for papaya or you are not the type who would want to buy one just for the sake of a silly tan simply take some cold raw milk (the one which u haven't boiled. I don't know if it works with tetra packs, never tried) . Just dip a cotton ball in it and rub it all over the face. rest of the body u can even apply n massage with your hands. leave it on for 5 mi
nutes and wash it off. If its stronger repeat over and over for the next 2 - days atleast twice a day. U can even rub ice the first day, it helps. But remember to do all this as soon as u get home. Like i do it the moment I get back.

3. Lemon

he subsequent days u can also rub half an orange or lemon on the tanned areas.

All this for a tan, I don't know about sunburn. Once I get one I shall discover that too.

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